Integrated Media Gateways and the Transition to IP Networks - Webinar

The transition from circuit-switched to IP networks for mobile and fixed line communications is well underway in the United States and other regions throughout the world.  During this transition period, it is important for Service Providers and Enterprises to migrate customers to new IP-based technologies such as SIP, Voice over LTE and IPV6. However, the existing SS7 and ISDN networks will need to co-exist with IP during this transition and new services like SIP Trunking will build bridges between enterprises,  external IP networks and the cloud. Integrated media gateways can play a critical role in easing this transition by offering signaling connectivity, interworking and media transcoding between the myriad types of networks such as SS7 to SIP and SIP to SIP.  This webinar will address the following important points:

  • Strategies for interconnecting TDM and IP Networks
  • Bridging the Gap: SIP Trunking via Media Gateways with SBC functions
  • How Media Transcoding Adds Value for Gateway Customers
  • Today’s Use Cases for Integrated Media Gateways  
  • Case Study for Transition to SIP – SIP Networks with IPV6

Join us Sept 21 at 14:00 BST (UK Time)! Click here to register for the webinar.