IoT and Video - Opportunities Await Webinar

Join Alan Percy, Senior Director of Product Marketing, and Dean Bubley from Disruptive Analysis to learn about the opportunities for Communications Service Providers and enterprises around integrating video into their IoT applications.

Abstract: Video is finding its way into every-day life, including the things that we use to control, monitor and communicate with in our homes, businesses and industrial applications. We asked noted industry analyst Dean Bubley to look into the intersection of video and IoT, sharing his vision of how the two technologies will create new opportunities. The result was an inspiring whitepaper titled “IoT and Video – Opportunities Await”. During this session, we’ll talk with Dean about his whitepaper, explore some of his findings, and give an opportunity for our live attendees to engage in the conversation.

Webinar will be held at July 13, 2017 at 11AM EST.

Register for the webinar here.