Dialogic IMG 1004 Integrated Media Gateway

IMG1004 Integrated Media Gateway


The Dialogic IMG 1004 Integrated Media Gateway is a carrier-ready VoIP gateway that supports both media and signaling in a single chassis. It allows service providers to add new telephony services quickly, and gives them a clear migration path to an all-IP network. The Dialogic IMG 1004 brings the value proposition of an integrated media gateway into the low density (1-4 span) gateway market.   

It provides any-to-any voice network connectivity and can work in tandem with the Dialogic® IMG 1010 to deliver SIP services into legacy PRI, CAS, and SS7 networks, as well as IP-to-IP transcoding and multimedia border element functions, such as SIP mediation for network edge applications. Its compact 1U design, integrated SS7 link terminations and CICs, GUI-based management, and software licensing for in-service capacity expansion make the Dialogic® IMG 1004 an excellent option for VoIP.

The Dialogic IMG 1004 also features the Dialogic® Programmable Protocol Language (PPL), which allows rapid implementation of ISDN PRI variants and other signaling changes. 

Key Features

Simultaneous support for PRI, CAS, and SS7 CICs along with SIP and H.323

Provides a flexible, cost-effective platform that can evolve from TDM-IP to all IP

SS7 ISUP link termination, TDM signaling, call routing, call translation, and IP transcoding supported in a single chassis

Can reduce complexity and administrative overhead for VoIP services, and allows on-the-fly voice coder conversion

Supports multimedia border element capabilities, including SIP mediation, topology hiding, and media transcoding
Facilitates efficient operations between incompatible network elements in a service provider infrastructure

Supports up to 128 channels in a 1U chassis

Allows easy scalability to 128 channels in a small footprint

Wireline and wireless support, including ENUM and DNS

Enables fast connection time and lower phone charges because callers can connect to each other directly without using the PSTN

Carrier-grade design uses dual Ethernet network interfaces

Provides high reliability and service availability

Works with load balancers

Optimizes distribution of SIP traffic and improves scalability and fault tolerance


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Ordering Information

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Where to Buy
ProductOrder CodeDescription

IMG 1004 32 channel AC 1 T1/E1 bundle (PRI/VoIP)


IMG 1004 1 span PRI / VoIP gateway

IMG 1004 128 channel AC 4 T1/E1 bundle (PRI/VoIP)


IMG 1004 4 span PRI / VoIP gateway

IMG 1004 32 channel AC 1 T1/E1 bundle (PRI/CICs/VoIP)


IMG 1004 1 span PRI / CICs / VoIP gateway

IMG 1004 128 channel AC 4 T1/E1 bundle (PRI/CICs/VoIP)


IMG 1004 4 span PRI / CICs / VoIP gateway