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Move the customer experience to a higher digital level

A Better IVR Experience

Simplicity is the key to customer loyalty, and that means making it easy for customers to get answers and resolve issues. Unfortunately, interactive voice response (IVR) systems are often anything but simple. They can be complex to navigate, challenging to customize and cost-prohibitive to scale. If that sounds like your IVR system, it’s time to choose Dialogic Digital IVR.

Visualize It

Dialogic Digital IVR offers a Visual IVR (VIVR) option, which allows web-based visual content. VIVR revolutionizes the user interface of traditional voice-only IVRs to both exponentially improve the user experience and consistently deliver high levels of customer service satisfaction, while decreasing calls to agents and lowering overall costs. According to John Medina, author of the New York Times' best-selling book Brain Rules, "sharing visual content during conversations can boost comprehension and recall up to 600%."

Answer Incoming Calls Efficiently

The manner in which incoming calls are handled is a key part of running a successful enterprise, regardless of its size. However, for micro- and small-enterprises, such as individuals, start-ups, or small office/home offices, when incoming calls are answered efficiently and in a consistent manner, callers feel confident that they are dealing with a well-organized and professional enterprise, and can often get the impression that they are working with a larger enterprise. Dialogic Digital IVR offers a Network Virtual Assistant (NVA) module add-on that enables enterprises, no matter how small they are, to generate their own Auto Attendant options and scripts, which can translate into new revenue streams for the carriers.

Move to an Industry Leader

The Dialogic Digital IVR solution is the most powerful and easy-to-use IVR platform on the market, with a history of use by over 250 carriers and 15,000 enterprises.

  • Simple, drag-and-drop interface allows even non-programmers to quickly create and edit IVR applications
  • Integrates seamlessly with legacy applications and network infrastructure for rapid deployment
  • Software-based solution leverages low-cost COTS servers to reduce CapEx costs
  • Fully compliant with IMS, LTE, NFV, and 5G standards, ensuring operation in current and next-generation solutions

Move Ahead of the Competition

Dialogic Digital IVR helps organizations deliver a better customer experience while keeping costs down

  • Create richer customer engagement through 100s of prebuilt and customizable applications
  • Boost customer satisfaction and gain higher first-time resolution with “smart” routing, which combine identity and analytics to get customers to the right place faster
  • Use real-time reporting and analytics to help organizations improve and optimize menu selections and call flows
  • Leverage unified messaging to put customer emails, voicemails, and other information in the hands of agents for faster issue resolution
    • Provide deeper visibility into real-time customer data
    • Pre-queue data collection means callers don’t have to repeat information

Key Features

  • 100s of prebuilt applications
  • Customer self-service menus
  • Drag-and-drop service creation environment
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Fully compliant with IMS/LTE/NFV/5G
  • Integrates with legacy systems & apps
  • Pre-queue data collection
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Runs on standard cots servers
  • Omni-channel experience