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Connect telco and digital to build next generation IoT and 5G applications


Quickly roll out new applications and services by using DialogicONE to connect legacy systems, cloud offerings, proprietary platforms, and custom solutions.

DialogicONE is an application integration and orchestration platform for communications service providers. It enables CSPs to gain a competitive edge by creating applications that combine network capabilities with digital technologies in cloud or on-premises.

Built for modern network environments, DialogicONE gives service providers incredible speed and agility to innovate, build, trial, and deploy new revenue-generating applications by leveraging leading IoT platforms and AI engines for 4G and 5G networks.

What can you do with DialogicONE?


Leverage your network assets – including unmatched quality of service (QoS) and security – to provide value beyond connectivity


Enable accelerated digital transformation – agility, speed, visual service creation, and rapid no-code prototyping


Support a conversational user experience that helps you bring customers closer and upsell more services


Create new applications fast by leveraging IoT platforms from leading vendors


Innovate and build solutions for 5G networks


Adapt to evolving needs by using analytics to understand customer behavior and gain insight into silos and digital overlays


Enhance your applications by taking advantage of Dialogic research in areas such as ambient intelligence, machine learning, and organic user experience

Reduce time to market for new applications

Use the DialogicONE platform and growing integration library to keep pace with changing demands and quickly bring new applications to market.

Bring innovation, speed, and agility to your IoT and 5G teams by allowing them to create solutions in the no-code DialogicONE environment.

DialogicONE helps increase service agility by making it easy to integrate and orchestrate anything with an exposed API, including:

  • Telecom technologies such as voice, video, messaging systems, and location services

  • Digital technologies such as IoT platforms, specialized solutions, over-the-top-based systems running in cloud or on-premises

Connecting these siloed technologies and ecosystems with DialogicONE events enables you to create smarter applications and provide a better user experience.

Innovate for key customers

Use the DialogicONE environment to easily customize your generic solutions for key customers by integrating with their select enterprise systems. Establish unique solutions that stick.

Accelerate IoT use cases with leading IoT platforms

Leverage DialogicONE integrations with leading IoT platforms to design, deploy, and test unlimited IoT use cases with no-code tools. Develop solutions for IoT / 5G networks with ease.

Differentiate with unique applications

Stand out from the competition by using DialogicONE to quickly and easily customize solutions. Enable new revenue generation and inspire customer loyalty by combining telecom and digital capabilities with DialogicONE to bring new IoT and 5G solutions to market.

Breathe new life into legacy systems

Include API-enabled legacy systems in new solutions and applications by integrating existing investments into IoT and 5G-focused services using the DialogicONE environment. Incorporating legacy systems into new initiatives then becomes effortless.

Empower citizen developers

DialogicONE’s visual service creation environment and rapid prototyping allow non-developers to dive right in. Dialogic’s unique tools provide no-code capabilities to enable designing, creating, and testing applications in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Reduce development resources, large budgets, and long project cycles with DialogicONE

Enable fast innovation for PoCs and trials

DialogicONE servers provide a foundation for internal and external entities to integrate, interact, and allow for no-code collaboration and innovation. Showcasing ideas, integrations, and new use cases is now extremely affordable. Roll out many prototypes, proof-of-concepts, and trial solutions in a matter of days.

Get expert help at every step

Take advantage of Dialogic’s 30-plus years of telecom industry experience. Our professional services experts can help you bring more agility to every key step of the application and service lifecycle.

Partner with us

DialogicONE provides technology vendors with a unique application platform that allows their API-enabled technologies to seamlessly plug into the next-generation solutions that service providers around the globe are innovating – especially for IoT and 5G markets.

We work closely with IoT platform vendors to give them unique differentiation, speed, and agility by exposing their capabilities via visual service creation and no-code rapid prototyping.

In addition, Dialogic Application Labs brings together a global team of design and development professionals to research markets, trends, demands, and growth areas. We develop and integrate technologies to help customers innovate and succeed. If you have a telco or digital technology that will improve the user experience or make applications smarter, we would like to hear from you.

Let’s bring our ideas together to create innovative applications users will love. Contact Dialogic’s Business Development Team today