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Founded in 1990, Quadrant Software is a leading provider of Document Output Management (DOM) software and solutions for the enterprise. Through its award-winning product line, companies can electronically create, manage and distribute mission-critical documents consistently and efficiently. Quadrant Software helps customers reduce expenses, increase productivity and improve communication in a secure and compliant manner. Quadrant Software works with customers and partners around the world in key markets including finance, manufacturing, transportation, retail and healthcare.

QuadraDocV5(TM), the industry’s leading document routing virtual appliance, sends, receives, centrally controls, and secures mission critical documents and content. QuadraDocV5 leverages new and existing IP infrastructures (FoIP/VoIP), supporting VMware and Hyper-V, enabling organizations to take full advantage of virtualized environments, simplifying infrastructure and minimizing carbon footprint and data center overhead.


QuadraDocV5 incorporates SR140 software technology from the leading communications vendor, Dialogic, to integrate with customers’ current telephony systems, eliminating the need for a physical fax card. Additionally, QuadraDocV allows snap-in integration to all Quadrant products, including Formtastic.

Solution Focus:
Application Development