Dialogic DSI Signaling Transfer Point (STP)

Dialogic® DSI Signaling Interface Unit


Dialogic® DSI Signaling Transfer Point (DSI STP) is a compact, cost-effective telecommunications signaling platform, providing core network connectivity and routing between multiple networks using both SS7 over E1/T1 and SIGTRAN over IP. The DSI STP supports comprehensive Screening capabilities in addition to routing at the MTP and SCCP levels and Global Title Translation. The DSI STP features a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) for all operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning functions. The GUI supports dynamic configuration, status and alarm monitoring, interactive control and a wide range of diagnostic capabilities. A multi-user environment complete with password security, configurable user privileges and full audit trail ensures adherence to chosen security policy. The DSI STP supports multiple protocol variants allowing worldwide deployment in both fixed and mobile networks.

Multi-Purpose Signaling Gateway

In addition to operation as a pure Signaling Transfer Point, the DSI STP addresses a wide range of interworking needs. As an SCCP Router it provides the Signaling Point Relay (SPR) capability to pass messages between networks, routing based on DPC, SSN or Global Title. It provides Load Balancing, Global Title Translation and Network Topology Hiding. As an STP it provides routing of messages based on any field in the MTP Routing Label and supports policing to prevent unauthorized use of signaling relationships. As a SIGTRAN Gateway it provides high density interworking between TDM and SIGTRAN transport layer protocols with the ability to aggregate or separate traffic flows based on MTP and SCCP routing labels.

Resiliency and Scalability

The DSI STP occupies a small (1U) footprint, and offers dual hot-swappable AC power supplies. It can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or in a dual active/active configuration for resilience and high availability. For larger deployments multiple servers can be stacked to provide a distributed STP with no single point of failure.

The DSI STP functionality is also available on the Dialogic virtualized G5V Signaling Controller for use in all-IP signaling environments:

Virtualize Your Signaling Transfer Point

Dialogic® DSI Signaling Transfer Point (DSI STP) based on the Dialogic® DSI G5V Signaling Controller is a compact, cost-effective software-only virtualized telecommunications signaling platform, providing core network connectivity for use in all-IP SIGTRAN signaling environments. The G5V software-only appliance can be deployed under VMware or KVM using a single OVF distribution. The DSI STP on G5V allows network operators to provision the optimal amount of resource and select the hardware platform of choice.

Dialogic DSI G5V Signaling Controller

Key Features

Wide range of supported interfaces including E1 / T1, SS7 Low Speed Links (LSL), High Speed Links (HSL); ATM and SIGTRAN (M3UA/M2PA) over IPv4 or IPv6.

Supports interworking between wide range of legacy TDM equipment with ability to utilize IP for new connectivity

Worldwide protocol support (ITU-T, ANSI, China, Japan, etc.) for both telephony-based and transaction-based operation with SCCP Global Title Translation

Facilitates global deployments and the ability to configure protocol variants at runtime  

Screening and routing based on OPC, DPC, SCCP Called & Calling Address, SSN, MAP Operation Code and others.

Puts the operator in control of the way the network is used.

Supports both browser and command line interface for OA&M in addition to SNMP and “lights-out” management

Facilitates comprehensive, user-friendly remote management using standard tools

Built-in periodic traffic measurements, event logging and protocol tracing (including PCAP format), backed by fully documented internal interfaces between protocol layers.

Provides good visibility of utilization and traffic levels and facilitates fast resolution of network protocol issues

Ability to interwork between different network types including National/International, ETSI/ANSI and support for Alias Point Codes

Resolves basic interworking needs without the need for external protocol conversion

Flexible capacity-based licensing

Allows increased platform capacity to be added over time to match deployment  needs

Optional G5V software appliance for deployment under VMware or KVM using a single OVF distribution.

Allows the user to provision the optimal amount of resource and to select hardware platform of choice

Figure 1 provides an example of how the Dialogic® DSI G51 Signaling Controller can be deployed as a Signaling Transfer Point in a typical network configuration.

DSI G51 Signaling Controller operating as an STP

Figure 1. Dialogic® DSI G51 Signaling Controller operating as an STP

Ordering Information

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Where to Buy
ProductOrder CodeDescription



DSI-G51A00, Signaling Controller, AC, 0 Boards



DSI-G51AL1, Signaling Controller, AC, 1 SS7LD Board



DSI-G51AM1, Signaling Controller, AC, 1 SS7MD Board



DSI-G51AM2, Signaling Controller, AC, 2 SS7MD Boards



DSI-G50-SIU8, SIU License - 8 link (equiv), ISUP, SCCP



DSI-G50-SIU16, SIU License - 16 link (equiv), ISUP, SCCP



DSI-G50-SIU32, SIU License - 32 link (equiv), ISUP, SCCP



DSI-G50-SIU64, SIU License - 64 link (equiv), ISUP, SCCP



DSI-G50-SIU128, SIU License - 128 link (equiv), ISUP, SCCP



DSI-G50-SIU256, SIU License - 256 link (equiv), ISUP, SCCP



DSI-G50-SIU384, SIU License - 384 link (equiv), ISUP, SCCP



DSI-G50-SIU512, SIU License - 512 link (equiv), ISUP, SCCP



DSI-G51SACPSU, AC Power Supply Unit



DSI-G51SHDD, Hard Disk drive



DSI-G51SNIC, Quad Ethernet NIC



DSI-G51S-SS7MD, Spare High Capacity SS7 Board



DSI-G51S-SS7LD, Spare Low Capacity SS7 Board