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As of January 9th, 2018, the following product lines are now carried by Sangoma Technologies:
  • DMG Series of Enterprise Media Gateways
  • IMG Series of Media Gateways
  • Media and Network Interface Cards (JCT, Diva, CG, DNI, Eiconcards)
  • Diva High Density Modems

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Before you start
What can I do with my Diva Client card?
Cables and Dongles for Diva Client PC cards
Diva client product functionality matrix
Diva Client Operating system support
Information for Dell customers

Installing the built-in drivers in Windows 2000/XP
Upgrading to the latest Diva Client Driver
Installing multiple Diva Client cards or Diva USBs
Upgrading a Diva Client installation to Windows XP
Uninstalling the Diva Client Adapter
How to find out what Diva Client driver version is installed
Installing the Diva USB
Diva USB: System BIOS Settings
Diva USB: USB standards and Compatibility

Configure Line Type
Configure line properties
Multiple Subscriber Numbering (MSN)
Configure MSN
Virtual modems
Installing virtual modems
Supported AT commands
How to install a Virtual Modem on a lower COM Port

Call Bumping
Using Diva Client CallGuard
Diva Assistant - Using ISDN Monitor
How do I get rid of the message that the "Syslog Daemon" is being blocked
Create a Dial up Connection
How to receive telephone calls while browsing the Internet

Slow or problematic connections with Diva USB 4.0
Troubleshooting Diva ISDN Cards
Using Line Check
Use Windows Hyperterminal to test Diva virtual modem
CAPI Checklist
Resolving a Resource Conflict
Using the Diva DtectPCI utility
Diva USB: Check the USB configuration on your PC

How to take a trace
Connecting to a PABX

Service Center Logon