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As of January 9th, 2018, the following product lines are now carried by Sangoma Technologies:
  • DMG Series of Enterprise Media Gateways
  • IMG Series of Media Gateways
  • Media and Network Interface Cards (JCT, Diva, CG, DNI, Eiconcards)
  • Diva High Density Modems

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Eiconcard interface options
Eiconcard cables and interfaces
Eiconcards - PCI Bus Types Supported

Installation of the C90 and C91 Eiconcards
Eiconcard S50, S51 and S52 Installation
Eiconcard S90, S91 and S94 Installation

ISDN WAN Miniport Driver - 64Kbps Dial-up Connection
ISDN WAN Miniport Installation
Eiconcard Router Service Installation
Using Eiconcard X.25 Development tools with the Vodafone SMSC
Settings required to use X.25 over the D-Channel (known as "Digi Access"
Eiconcard PAD installation

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