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How to create a dummy Calling Party Number

The calling party number is the information sent in the forward direction to identify the calling party. In an international network, the calling party number can only be included in the initial address message (IAM) according to ITU Recommendation Q.764,2.1.3 a.  Since it is an optional ISUP parameter, the  incoming IAM may not contain the calling party number. However, the calling party number may be required in some applications, such as for billing.

This article describes a method to create a dummy Calling Party Number on a Dialogic® IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway or Dialogic® BorderNet™ 2020 Integrated Media Gateway if the calling party number is not in the incoming IAM.

We will use the wildcard v (which represents a null string character) to match the case when incoming IAM does not contain calling party number.

1. Create an incoming translation table

2. Create a translation entry with:
String to Match : Originating number
String : v
Originating # Translation : 5551234 (as dummy calling party number)
IMG 1010 and IMG1004:
Please click on the image to see it full-size

2020 IMG:

3. Assign this incoming translation table to the channel group(s)

A call trace (see the attached log) shows that the dummy calling party number is created:
10:04:01.020 CALL(GCL) (00:00008:00) DPE Input :DN=[7771623500] ANI=[]
10:04:01.020 CALL(GCL) (00:00008:00) DPE input plus(+) sign mask 0x00000000
10:04:01.020 CALL(GCL) (00:00008:00) Invoke Incoming DPE 8; Channel Group 1
10:04:01.020 CALL(GCL) (00:00008:00) DPE response: Proc Complete
10:04:01.020 CALL(GCL) (00:00008:00) DPE Output:DN=[7771623500] ANI=[55512345]
10:04:01.020 CALL(GCL) (00:00008:00) DPE output plus(+) sign mask 0x00000000

Product List
Dialogic® IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway
Dialogic® BorderNet™ 2020 Integrated Media Gateway

Glossary of Acronyms / Terms
ISUP - ISDN User Part
IAM - Initial Address Message

Related Documentation
ITU-T Recommendation Q.763 (1997), Signalling System No. 7 – ISDN User Part formats and codes
ITU-T Recommendation Q.764 (1997), Signalling System No. 7 – ISDN user part signalling procedures


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First published: 10-Jun-2009
Last published: 28-Jul-2009
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