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Are Diva Media boards supported in virtualized environments?

Can Dialogic® Diva® Media boards be used in virtualized environments ?

No - current Dialogic® Diva® System Release versions for Windows (SR 8.5.x) and Linux (SR 9.5) do not support virtualized environments. These drivers are only suitable and supported for installations in physical machines.

If you attempt to install the Diva System Release in a virtualized environment on Windows (e.g. while using VMware or Hyper-V), you may notice one or more of the following symptoms:

- The Diva Media board is not detected/visible in the Windows Device Manager.
- The Diva Media board is detected in the Windows Device Manager, but is displayed with a yellow exclamation mark.
- The installation of SR 8.5.x may fail, because no Diva Media Board was found.
- The installation of SR 8.5.x may seem to finish successfully, but subsequently the virtual machine freezes or a blue screen occurs - especially when attempting to make use of driver components/tools (e.g. Diva Line Test Tool).


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First published: 08-Jul-2010
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