Dialogic System Release 6.0 PCI for Windows


Dialogic® System Release 6.0 PCI for Windows® enables higher density solutions with increased usability and flexibility. This release includes support for several new and enhanced media and signaling products. The installation, configuration, and diagnostic capabilities have been significantly enhanced which gives users greater control and flexibility. Additional details can be found in the Release Guide.

Key Features

Continuous speech processing (CSP) operations including echo cancellation, voice energy detection, barge-in, voice event signaling, pre-speech buffering, and full-duplex operation

Enables development of high-quality, robust host-basedautomatic speech recognition (ASR) applications

IP Media Library (IPML) API enhancements for support of RFC 2833, T.38 fax

Allows VoIP applications using IP signaling stacks other than those provided with Dialogic® products to use this library for application development

Learn Mode and Tone Set APIs are now supported on DM3 series boards

Supports detection of call progress tones and the modification of generated tones

Enhancements to Dialogic Configuration Manager

Improves configuration of individual boards, ports, and all associated parameters

SendAlive API and SRL event processing

Enables monitoring of the host computer for a failure and taking boards out of service to prevent the network from offering calls to a failed board or system

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