Dialogic System Release 6.0 CompactPCI Feature Pack 1 for Windows


Dialogic® System Release 6.0 CompactPCI and Feature Pack 1 for Windows® improve the availability characteristics of Dialogic® boards offered on CompactPCI for mission critical, high-end enterprise and service provider applications.

Key Features

Operating systems

Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Simplified Chinese VersionMicrosoft Windows 2003 Standard and EnterpriseMicrosoft Windows 2003 Simplified Chinese Version

Supported programs

Support for new boardsDialogic IPT10000C IP BoardDialogic DMT160TEC Digital Telephony Interface BoardEnhancements to current boardsDialogic IPT6720C and IPT4800C IP BoardsDialogic IP BoardsDialogic SS7 BoardsDevelopment software enhancements to Global Call Alarm Management System (GCAMS) for DM3 FamilyOperating software enhancementsAdministration softwareDiagnostic software

Key features

Redundant system slot (RSS) capability using additional RSS chassisCompactPCI basic peripheral hot-swap (PIMG 2.12) on a large selection of chassis and single- board computersGlobal Call Alarm Management System (GCAMS) network failure monitoringEnhanced diagnostic tools such as ability to dynamically turn RTF and Cheetah Logging on/off without system restartOperation, administration, and maintenance subsystem improvements such as ability to re-start operations on the ISDN data channel without bringing down the system

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