Dialogic System Release 6.1 CompactPCI for Windows


Dialogic® System Release 6.1 CompactPCI for Windows® enables higher density solutions with increased usability and flexibility for new and enhanced telecom boards through driver, library, and operational software. Additional details can be found in the Release Guide for this release.

Key Features

Support for Dialogic DM/V-B combined media boards with and without network interfaces up to 480 channels of media processing

Reduces cost of ownership for high-density configurations through flexibility of network interfaces (T-1 or E-1), protocols, and media functionality while also improving the performance of these configurations

Support for Dialogic DMN160TEC and DMT160TEC high-density network interface boards

Allows service providers to reduce infrastructure "footprint" and power consumption by enabling applications and designs that require high non-blocking call rates such as programmable switches and transaction-intensive services

Support for Dialogic DM/IP IP boards with up to 2 T-1 or E-1 spans plus VoIP and media processing

Provides robust, carrier-grade IP messaging, quick integration of existing applications, and compatibility with leading Voice over IP (VoIP) standards within a single-slot solution

Support for Peripheral Hot Swap (the ability to replace telecom hardware without powering down the system) and Active/Standby Redundant Host

Delivers high availability of application services by reducing recovery time from telephony hardware failures

Provides enhanced installation, configuration, and diagnostics tools

Reduces the manual time and effort required to bring and keep a system online

Support for a large selection of other Intel® boards including DM/V-A, DM/V, DM/N, DM/F DM/IP, IPT, HDSI and SS7 boards

Enables building a wide range of configurations that meet different density, price, and network technology objectives

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