Dialogic® System Release 5.1.1 Feature Pack 1 Service Update 149

Product Discontinuance Alert 

Discontinuance for Dialogic® System Release 5.1.1 and 5.1.1 FP1 for Windows ("Discontinued Releases") was announced on March 24, 2006. Dialogic addressed all remaining defects reported against the Discontinued Releases in a final Service Update released in August 2007 (SU149). Please note that only the following limited support will be provided on the Discontinued Releases until December 31, 2007: For issues reported, a new Case number will be opened, initial investigation will be performed, effort will be applied to identify if the issue has been resolved in Dialogic System Release 6.0 PCI for Windows ("Migration Release") and/or to provide a workaround to resolve the issue, if possible.

During the period from now through December 31, 2007 no new defects will be entered and no code fixes will be delivered in any form on these Discontinued Releases. Any issues reported against the Discontinued Products must be reproducible on the Migration Release for Dialogic to extend support. Customers are strongly encouraged to move applications to the Migration Release immediately.

The Dialogic® System Release 5.1.1 Feature Pack 1 Service Update for Windows is the preferred vehicle for delivering software fixes for reported software issues. The fixes contained in the service update are guaranteed to operate with all other fixes. Each successive service update will include all previous fixes.

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