Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax - Standard Training


Course Overview

This training course provides an overview of how to install and configure Dialogic® fax products as well as an overview of ISDN, SIP and troubleshooting techniques.


2 days

Key Products

Target Audience

ISVs, resellers, end users, technical support engineers, developers and technical trainers


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the equipment needed to create a fax solution
  • Understand the main features of TruFax & TR1034 Fax Boards and SR140 Fax Software
  • Install and configure Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax Boards
  • Configure Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax Boards using the graphical configuration tool (FVD tool)
  • Understand mainstream telephony technology
  • Explain at a high level how ISDN works
  • Be familiar with the basics of SIP, H.323 and T.38
  • Run diagnostic utilities to verify the board’s functionality
  • Troubleshoot boards in analog and digital installations
  • Use VTTY and other utilities to capture trace information for technical support
  • Understand effect of RoHS

Required Preparation

Some experience with Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax Boards. Knowledge of personal computers and servers. Basic understanding of telephony is helpful but not required. This course will have limited demonstrations and NO hands-on labs.


  • TDM Basics
  • Product Overview
  • Installation Tool
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • VoIP Overview
  • Fax over IP Products
  • SIP Overview
  • H.323 Overview
  • Installation
  • Advanced Troubleshooting

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