SNMP Agent

An SNMP Agent or client is an application embedded in the 2020 IMG that performs the operational role of receiving and processing requests, sending responses to the manager, and sending traps when an event occurs. The 2020 IMG can be configured to be an SNMP Agent. The SNMP agent software must have three sets of hooks into the SNMP Manager. Use this pane to configure the SNMP Agent.


Web GUI Page

Dialogic > BN2020 > SNMP Agent


Maximum Objects

One SNMP agent can be created for each 2020 IMG


Related Topics and Dependencies

Once the SNMP Agent is configured, an SNMP Manager can be configured.

SNMP Managers

SNMP Manager

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SNMP - Supported Traps


Field Description

SNMP System Name

The name that identifies the SNMP agent. The default name that appears is the name given to the BN2020 object. This can be changed by clicking in the SNMP System Name field and entering a new name. The SNMP System Name will be printed in any traps that may occur.


System Location

Enter a location for the SNMP Agent. Click in the System Location field and enter the location. This will be printed in any traps that may occur.


System Contact

Enter a contact name to alert people who to contact in the case of an SNMP Trap being sent. This will be printed in any traps that may occur.


SNMP Agent Network Interface

This is automatically populated with the <Ctrl Interface> IP address of the 2020 IMG which is being configured as an SNMP Agent. Either accept the default or select an IP Address from the drop down menu displaying all IP addresses configured on the 2020 IMG that can be used for IP Services.


Query Interval (In Minutes) Default = 5 minutes

The 2020 IMG needs to issue an Info Query at a set interval of time to gather the statistics collected by the SNMP agent. The result of these queries is to populate a database with the private MIB information that has been collected. The Query Interval field determines the intervals with which the Info Queries are sent. The interval can be configured by selecting the interval time from the drop down menu of this field. The Query Interval range can be set between 1 and 50 minutes with the Default value being 5 minutes. Refer to the SNMP Private MIBs topic for more information.