SIP Diversion Header


The IMG supports the INVITE Diversion Header (Diversion and CC-Diversion) to support PSTN Redirecting Services (also known as Call Forwarding). The INVITE Diversion header carries information about the redirection. The Diversion header prevents this pertinent SS7 redirection information from being lost in the SS7 to SIP conversion. When SS7 redirection information is received on the incoming side, it is relayed in the Diversion header on the outgoing SIP side. To enable or disable SIP Diversion Header see SIP Headers link.


In software 10.5.1 a new enhancement was added which causes including a charge number parameter in the outgoing IAM message for an SS7 channel group, upon receiving an invite message from an incoming SIP channel group. If the user wants to eliminate the charge number parameter, the SS7 Parameters Filter can be used to do that.



SS7 to SIP Call Forwarding Scenario:





SIP to SS7 Call Forwarding Scenario:




ISDN to SIP Call Forwarding Scenario:




SIP to ISDN Call Forwarding Scenario



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