Radius Server


Use this pane to configure information about the Radius Servers that are in the network. There are two types of Radius Servers, accounting and authorization; each type may have a primary and secondary server. The same server may also do both accounting and authorization. The Servers are configured at the network level. Radius Client must be configured for every Physical IMG.


Accessing this Pane:

Dialogic IMG EMS->External Network Elements->Radius Servers->Radius Server



Maximum Objects:

256 per EMS


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Click on the Technical Notes link for technical information on the Radius Server


ClientView Pane:




Field Descriptions:

Radius Server Id:

This field is automatically populated with the next available ID. The ID can be changed by selecting a different ID from drop down menu. The ID allows the IMG to assign a unique reference to this particular server. Values Range from 1 - 254


Radius Server Type:

This describes the type of server. Authentication or Accounting.

Authentication - This server is used to give permission for the call to continue.

Accounting - This server is used for tracking billing information for the call.


Radius Server Data Format:

Defaults to Dialogic Format and cannot be modified. The IMG was designed to use freeradius. Customers must use our dictionary.dialogic file to parse our DIALOGIC VSAs correctly.


Radius Server IP Address:

Click in this field and an 'Enter IP Address' box will appear. Enter the IP Address of this Radius Server.


Radius Server Port:

The port on the server which will accept the Radius connection. The Default is Port 1812. To Change Port Number, click in the Radius Server Port field and enter new port number.


Radius Server UserName:

Enter a Username that will be used to access this Radius server.


Radius Server Password:

Enter a password that will be used to access this Radius server.


Radius Server Authentication Type:

This is the type of authentication the client server will use.

PAP - Password Authentication Protocol

CHAP - Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol


Radius Server Secret:

The Radius secret is a text string (case sensitive) that is used to authenticate communication between a RADIUS server and a RADIUS client. (IMG being the client) If the shared secret is not matched between the RADIUS server and client, authentication will fail. Click in the Radius Server Secret field and enter the secret.


Object Table Tab:

The table will show all the Radius Clients that have been configured.