Dialogic is pleased to present the results of its 2013 WebRTC Impact Survey that asked 169 key executives of Service Providers and Application Developers to assess the impact of WebRTC on their business models. 


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Survey Overview

WebRTC is viewed as a game changing technology because of its ubiquity in the market and the expectation that nearly all devices with a Web browser will eventually be enabled. Forecast to approach one billion devices by the end of 2013, the WebRTC installed base provides a broad platform for those firms able to build, deploy and scale compelling applications or services.  And while traditional Over The Top (OTT) application developers will certainly benefit, Service Providers are emerging as a major gateway to success due to the power of network-based solutions.

The study’s respondents voiced their confidence in WebRTC with a combined 86.9% indicating that WebRTC is significant to their product roadmaps.  Furthermore, respondents confirmed that video conferencing is not the primary beneficiary of the implementation of WebRTC.  In fact, 37.7% of respondents believe that it offers a broader benefit to Unified Communications.  Rather than traditional Enterprise, 35.9% of respondents foresee the greatest impact to the Education market, more than twice the 16.8% who favored Adult Entertainment.  The most challenging aspects of deploying WebRTC, however, are Interoperability (33.9%) and the complexity of mixing video, voice and data streams (30.4%) absent a powerful media server in the WebRTC specification.


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