You'll find listed below a selection of industry events/exhibitions and conferences that Dialogic is attending during the coming year. To view an individual event simply click on the links below.



LTE Latin America 2015
SulAmerica Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Celebrating its 6th year, LTE Latin America follows on from last year’s hugely successful show, and is returning to Rio de Janeiro in a new venue - Sulamerica Convention Center – with an extended conference program and new speakers from the whole ecosystem to give greater depth and breadth of discussion around the region’s most pertinent mobile broadband developments.

Please join us at LTE Latin America to learn more.  To schedule a meeting, please send an email to

Look forward to seeing you in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!


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WebRTC Global Summit
Hilton Tower Bridge, London, UK, April 14-15

Initially thought of as a major disruptor to telecom companies, many view it as an exciting opportunity for operators, developers and vendors with innovative ideas and applications starting to emerge. It is estimated that by 2016 there will be 4.2 billion WebRTC enabled devices worldwide, so what are these new use cases, and how can WebRTC be used to create new revenue? Who stands to gain the most from harnessing WebRTC and how should telcos approach it? It is widely accepted that WebRTC will play a role in the future of human interaction but how big a part will it play and what does the future hold?

The WebRTC Global Summit will bring all parts of the ecosystem together, including telcos, mobile operators, OTT and VoIP players, developers, enterprises and analysts. The event will be looking at how WebRTC can move forward and the commercial opportunities it holds, as well as early adopter lessons and developments.

While at the show, be sure to attend the WebRTC The Potential Session on April 14, where you’ll hear more from Dialogic on the importance of a server-side media processing and related use cases. 

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MVNO World Congress 2015
Nice Acropolis, Nice, France, April 21-23

MVNO World Congress is the ultimate meeting place for the MVNO community to do business! The MVNO World Congress moves to its new location in Nice, France for its 14th year and will host over 80 visionary speakers and draw MVNO representatives from across the globe for three days of networking, exhibits, interviews and presentations. Dialogic will be showcasing its Diameter Signaling Controller along with other service provider solutions to help MVNO/E/As realize unparalleled flexibility in delivering new services in addition to OPEX and CAPEX savings. Please join us to learn more.  To schedule a meeting, please send an email to

MVNOs World Congress


ITW 2015
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago, IL

International Telecoms Week (ITW) is the meeting point for the global wholesale telecommunications community - at which over 5,300 delegates from nearly 1,700 companies representing 150+ countries meet to buy and sell both voice and data products and services. ITW is an event for the entire industry with participants from all areas of the wholesale industry: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers, mobile / wireless operators, ISPs, VoIP providers and technology partners from the voice, data, satellite, sub-sea and fixed line markets.

Please join us at ITW 2015 in meeting room # 4130 to learn more.  To schedule a meeting, please send an email to


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Conrad, Dubai, May 11-13

LTE MENA 2015 will take a look  at the emerging markets of the region and their  impressive progression over the last 12 months.

Middle East Operators continue to rollout LTE and expand their networks, while encountering different challenges and following different business models to their more established neighbors, they are beginning to harness the potential of LTE and drive revenues from new services.

Please join Dialogic at LTE MENA to learn more on:

  • Enhance your existing Diameter routing solution with features you didn¹t think possible
  • Monetize your 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks with advanced roaming interworking made easy
  • Reduce costs, network complexity and vendor lock by fixing signaling interoperability challenges yourself

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WebRTC Conference & Expo
JW Marriott Marquis Miami, Miami, Florida

Webification of Communications Matters to the Entire Marketplace

WebRTC Conference and Expo is the opportunity for companies, web application providers, investors and developers to understand the exciting opportunity that WebRTC opens and how it will challenge and change much of today's communications landscape. WebRTC is making an impact, secure the knowledge you need to succeed — WebRTC Conference and Expo will help you map the course!

We look forward to seeing you in Miami - to schedule a meeting, please send an email to



Media Servers: Powering Tomorrow's Services Today
Online Webinar

On January 15, 2015 at 11:00 AM EST we will be hosting a limited engagement webinar with renown telecom analyst Dean Bubley and several Dialogic partners to discuss the role of media servers in VoLTE, TADs, NFV, and WebRTC.


While they are rarely in the limelight, real-time media servers are a critical part of communications networks today. Media servers and Media Resource Function (MRF) software is playing an even larger role as video telephony, recording, and real-time stream processing play a larger part in our daily communications. Several initiatives are driving new media server needs and increased usage, including:

  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE) 
  • Telephony Application Developer (TAD) programs 
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) 
  • Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC)

During this webinar, Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis will provide a market update on media servers, their role in today’s major telephony initiatives and the new capabilities they are taking on. Dialogic’s product team will provide an update on PowerMedia XMS, Dialogic’s acclaimed media server. In addition, a number of Dialogic partners will provide insight on how they are using PowerMedia XMS with their applications to power the above initiatives. 

Media Servers: Powering Tomorrow's Services Today


Online at (see register link below)

 Diameter Signaling Controllers, Meet Your Future

Why the DSC of yesterday won’t meet the needs of your Diameter networks now

In a very short time, the strategic value of Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSCs) has increased dramatically. A DSC is now being seen not only as a platform to support Diameter routing, mediation and security but also as a means to interwork, orchestrate and enhance other control plane signaling protocols such as RADIUS and SS7. And the DSC is emerging to play a key role in Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) environments that will fundamentally change how the control plane is utilized in next-generation virtualized IP networks.

Join Tom Schroer – Director of Service Provider Marketing, and Jim Hodges – Senior Analyst for Heavy Reading, as they discuss how service providers are leveraging the next wave of signaling controller functionality today and cover use cases that highlight the additional functionality DSCs will need to meet emerging control plane signaling orchestration requirements.

You’ll learn all about:

  • Techniques to mine the value of control plane messages to enhance and differentiate services
  • How signaling interworking can reduce service delivery costs and speed up interoperability with other networks
  • Accelerating service velocity and reducing costs through signaling orchestration

Day/Date:       Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time:             10 AM ET

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Light Reading Webinar


WebRTC Webinar - Preparing networks for a traffic expolosion

WebRTC is creating vast opportunities for mobile revenue growth, but service providers need to be cautious.  More than one billion devices (smartphones, tablets and PCs) already support WebRTC and that number is expected to grow to four billion by 2016.  To capitalize on WebRTC, however, service providers will have to overcome countless challenges in managing the sharp rise in video, voice and data traffic on their networks.

Join thought leaders from  Dialogic and EXFO on Tuesday, March 25 at 11 AM ET for a webinar to discuss:

  • WebRTC technology and its impact on networks
  • Architectural requirements of WebRTC implementation, including:
    • Internetworking WebRTC, signaling and media with IMS
    • Handling HD video
    • Dealing with peer-to-peer and client-to-server traffic

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The Rise of NFV and the Software Telco. Webinar

On July 11, 2013, Dialogic and Light Reading will present an informative, free webinar that explores: “The Rise of NFV and the Software Telco.”

Service Providers are driving a transformative concept called Network Functions Virtualization or NFV that moves network functionality to software and leverages commercially available IT server and virtualization technology. 

Join us as we discuss NFV, and cover the challenges and key criteria service providers should consider when implementing an NFV strategy.

Highlights Include:

  • Criteria to determine which network functions are good candidates for virtualization.
  • Virtualizing session border controller functionality.
  • Vendor considerations to align your virtualization strategy.
  • Use cases that rationalize NFV benefits of virtualized SBCs including increased flexibility, faster service deployment and lower TCO.

The Rise of NFV and the Software Telco Webinar


Deliver on the Video Promise of NG9-1-1

The rollout of NG9-1-1 provides for enhanced capabilities including the delivery of live video from remote locations.  This free webinar explains how to: 

  • Improve coordination by delivering live streams of incidents as they happen
  • Connect multiple parties to a video conference using standard mobile devices
  • Enable video calling for the deaf
  • Deliver video instructions for life saving interventions in the field

Please join Neil Weldon while he explores how Dialogic media and signaling solutions support the needs of NG9-1-1 today and provide a smooth migration for the rollout of new NG9-1-1 services in the future.