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Coming of the Mobile Advertising Age
Jim Machi sums up Mary Meeker's Internet Trends report on mobile advertising, why it's expected to grow, and how real-time communications will be involved.

How to Build a WebRTC Gateway and Integrate IBM Watson Speech-to-Text Services
This 'how-to' will be a step-by-step guide on building a WebRTC service that interacts with IBM Watson.

Value-Added Services in the VoLTE World – Enterprises
How can you expand value-added services for enterprises in the VoLTE world?

Telecommunications in the Cloud – Class 5/Residential Services (2 of 3)
How telecommunications in the cloud can benefit residential customers.

WebRTC & Cloud Communications Workshop – Who’s Attending?
Who are the people who have signed up so far for the WebRTC & Cloud Communications developer workshop?

Value-Added Services in the VoLTE World – Leveraging the Device
A look at value-added services from a subscriber perspective and what service providers should do about it.


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