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Automating the NFV Cloud
A run down of the process and requirements in automating the cloud in NFV.

What to expect at MWC 2016
MWC is a exciting, but hectic event with lots of topic areas to focus on. Jim Machi predicts how popular (or not) each topic will be.

The Role of MANO in Moving Real-time Multimedia Apps to NFV
In NFV, there's the MANO layer (the brain), and VNFs (the functions). See how both parts are affected when a real-time multimedia app moves to NFV.

What’s So Challenging About NFV?
There are many different challenges to NFV - technical, deployment, and business challenges. Tom Schroer explains how to avoid each of them.

The Case for a Real-Time Application Delivery Controller
Web application world built large-scale, highly-reliable apps with ADCs. Why not do the same for real-time telecommunications?

NFV Enables Experimentation and Innovation for MVNO
There will still be MVNOs when the world moves to NFV. But how would the MVNO landscape change when the move happens?