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SS7 Signaling Still Alive and Well
As operators migrate to IMS and LTE, and thus IP architectures, SS7 signaling has seemingly been left behind. After all, Diameter is all the rage today as that ... more

Solving WebRTC’s Media Server and NAT Traversal Problems in One Shot
Our own John Hermanski and Hanzhong Gu recently wrote a tech note showing how the widely used rfc5766-turn-server can run on the same server with PowerMedia XMS ... more

The era of the hardware-based media server is over -scaling software-based media servers
As the telecom world moves closer and closer to software- based infrastructure, many questions are being asked about scalability of these software-based infrast ... more

WebRTC and IMS - a synergistic relationship in the making
I’m very excited to be heading to San Jose to attend the WebRTC Conference and Expo V in the next couple of weeks. I believe WebRTC is entering an importa ... more