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MVNOs vs MNOs, are the MVNOs taking over? Certainly the French Riviera.. for now!
So long Barcelona, this week the mobile industry will travel to Nice on the French Riviera for the MVNO World Congress, #MVNOIS, where a much thriving community ... more

Reference Design Project:Learning to use XML - A Journey to Media Server Enlightenment
"Two languages implementing the same idea must, on pain of death, use different terms."                 ... more

IoT vs. M2M
At Mobile World Congress, the Internet of Things (IoT) and those promoting that sort of thing came out of the woodwork. In fact, these types of companies are li ... more

What is GitHub?
What is GitHub? If you love writing code, you may want to get to know GitHub if you haven’t already.  GitHub was formally launched in 2008 and has d ... more