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What is TADS all about?
On November 12 and 13 TADS will happen. TADS bills itself in the following way: “TADSummit (TADS) is focused on building an essential yet missing componen ... more

Will VoLTE and the iPhone6 Finally be the Vehicle to Monetize Mobile Video?
VoLTE doesn’t just mean Voice over LTE. It also means Video over LTE. IMS/LTE includes support for IR.94 which describes how to make conversational video ... more

The Changing Definition of the Diameter Signaling Controller and Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)
Next week, I will be speaking at the Signaling Focus Day of LTE Asia.  The signaling focus day obviously will have much Diameter overtones since Diameter i ... more

How to Develop a WebRTC Video Conferencing Server Using PowerMedia XMS, Free In An Hour
I’m a telephony guy at heart but with the WebRTC revolution, the line that once clearly divided web versus telephony programmers is quickly vanishing. Th ... more