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VoLTE Versus WebRTC: I didn’t know it was a battle
When I talk to customers, they often ask about how WebRTC compares to voice over LTE (VoLTE), and which technology “will win.” Those who believe tha ... more

Dialogic’s CEO Describes Unique WebRTC Use Cases During his Keynote Address
WebRTC is not just for call centers anymore. From telemedicine to stock trading in the U.K. to dance education, WebRTC is poised to impact a wide range of indu ... more

Modems? In This Day and Age?
  Not so many years ago, the only way to connect to the Internet was via a modem. You would use your digital or analog line, and literally place “cal ... more

PowerMedia XMS + HTML5 canvas = A better way to hangout
  Last week @chadwallacehart shared some javascript code that used the HTML5 drawImage() method to copy a <video> source to various canvas contexts w ... more