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Video: Watch and Learn About WebRTC from Industry Leaders
Perhaps the most important takeaway from the WebRTC survey we conducted last month was that 90 percent of respondents predicted WebRTC will be infused in our li ... more

WebRTC Disruption is Reaching IMS and Catching the 3GPP’s Attention, But Where is eMRF?
The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), the uniting body of telecom standard development organizations, has taken notice of WebRTC. And that means WebRTC ... more

ORCA, the Telecom Industry and WebRTC
If reading the title of this article only brought to mind a whale, it’s time to learn more. WebRTC has not one, but two different and totally distinct ORC ... more

Why the Fax Isn’t As Outdated As You Think
I wrote a blog about faxing a few months ago and got an overwhelming response. Got some comments via email and to the blog, and these comments could basically b ... more