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5G and NFV – Part 2: 5G Objectives, Demands and Key Features
Specifications groups and technologists are defining the key objectives, demands and features of 5G based on new applications and services intended to be support ... more

Twenty-First Century Fax
In the Doors song, “Twentieth Century Fox,” Jim Morrison begins with the line, “Well, she’s fashionably lean…” In a rare bit ... more

VoWiFi Will Play a Critical Role in Extending Voice Coverage
Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi)...what’s the big deal? For instance, I can already engage in VoWiFi with some VoIP clients that are downloaded to my phone. ... more

5G and NFV – Part 1: Rethinking the Mobile Infrastructure
Just as early pioneers of the western frontier forged through uncertain peril in uncharted lands to discover new territories, the fifth generation (5G) mobile c ... more