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The MRB is the WORD
Last week Dialogic announced the acquisition of NS-Tech - here is a snippet from the release:  “Now we can offer highly scalable and reliable softwa ... more

The MWC 2015 Reality
A month ago I wrote a blog about what I’d expect to see at Mobile World Congress. At that time, I expected to see 5G messaging, NFV, some VoLTE and video. ... more

Reference Design Project: High Level Design - A Journey to Media Server Enlightenment
"Once the product's task is known, design the interface first; then implement to the interface design." -Jef Raskin In this weeks video we will b ... more

Why Carriers and WebRTC Don’t Have to be the Same Magnet Polarization and Can be Partners Part II
  Last week, I started exploring why WebRTC is interesting for carriers and wrote about extending existing applications with WebRTC to keep the offerings fr ... more