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Three Key Initiatives for IMS Migration to Finally Make Sense
IMS is like any other technology – it seems to have its haters and fanboys.  As early as 2007, the death knell for IMS was being rung, and the haters ... more

What are the top 50 WebRTC terms I should know?
I was searching around for a simple WebRTC glossary but could not find one, so I decided to make one of my own. Please see below for my list of the top 50 WebRT ... more

Speech Analytics – Data Mining Those Recordings
When I was in Vegas for ITExpo, I participated on a Voice Analytics panel at the SmartVoice co-located conference.  Speech / Voice Analytics is really taki ... more

VoLTE Versus WebRTC: I didn’t know it was a battle
When I talk to customers, they often ask about how WebRTC compares to voice over LTE (VoLTE), and which technology “will win.” Those who believe tha ... more