Dialogic is a Values-centered company. Anyone who works with Dialogic should expect all of its employees worldwide to make decisions, deliver solutions, and support products based on the guiding principles outlined here.

Unbounded Commitment to Growth

We are dedicated to profitably growing in our market segments, and in constantly finding new growth segments to lead.

Absolute Focus on the Customer

Our workforce is 100% dedicated to our customers. We come to work either to directly support our customers or to support those who do.

Mutual Respect

We believe that what we can achieve as a team is limitless. We will innovate together to meet any challenge we face.

Personal Accountability

We have a deep commitment to Dialogic's success. Each of us is dedicated to contributing to solutions and to achieving team objectives.

Passionate Dedication to Be the Best

We bring our passion to Dialogic every day. We create an environment where each of us can do our best work, and where we can grow and do better work tomorrow.

Unfailing Integrity

We each have a deep commitment to honesty and integrity, and integrity is central to the way we approach our work and to how we interact with others.

At Dialogic we strive every day to integrate our Values and create superior products and services for our customers.