Diameter, SIGTRAN & SS7 Components

Dialogic offers a range of Diameter, SS7 and SIGTRAN signaling components, designed to meet the needs of telecommunications equipment manufacturers, systems integrators and service providers deploying solutions worldwide.

Diameter, SIGTRAN & SS7 Software

Dialogic® Distributed Signaling Interface (DSI) supports a range of Diameter, Signaling System 7 (SS7) and SIGTRAN (SS7 over IP) capabilities to manage signaling traffic between an application and the core network.

Dialogic® DSI Diameter Stack enables user applications to interface directly to IMS and LTE networks, for the realization of high value services in areas such as Mobility, Charging and Location.

Dialogic® DSI SIGTRAN Stack and Dialogic® DSI SS7 Stack deliver numerous benefits including

-  A versatile architecture allowing systems to scale as service volume grow.

-  Portability of applications from TDM SS7 to Dialogic® DSI SIGTRAN Stack based implementations.

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Signaling Servers and Gateways

Dialogic® Distributed Signaling Interface (DSI) Signaling Servers enable affordable, high-performance, distributed signaling applications in carrier networks worldwide. 

The Dialogic® DSI Signaling Interface Unit (DSI SIU) provides signaling connectivity for high value applications such as Pre-Paid or Messaging.  The DSI SIU can also be configured as a high performance Signaling Gateway or SCCP Router.

The Dialogic® DSI Signaling Web Services (DSI SWS) combines a web services interface with GSM MAP signaling connectivity for SMS Messaging, USSD and Location Based Services.

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Signaling Boards

Two families of Dialogic® SS7 boards are available to enable affordable, high-performance, signaling applications.


Dialogic® Distributed Signaling Interface (DSI) boards are designed for distributed execution of SS7 message processing across board processors, application host CPUs, or separate signaling servers. The products in this family are:

- SS7MDL4 - High-density, PCI Express, low-profile board.  Offers multiple levels of signaling link density for SS7 and ATM networks in rack-mount servers with low-profile PCIe peripheral slots. Flexible capacity licensing for signaling or HiZ monitoring of up to 124 low-speed links or up to 4 high-speed MTP or ATM links.

SS7LDH4 - Low-density, PCI Express, half-length board.  Board and protocol license bundles available to manage up to 4096 ISUP circuits and up to 16 low-speed links.

- SPCI - Low-density, PCI, full size board, offers up to 4 Channelized links over E1/T1 or V11 ports and monitoring.

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Dialogic® TX Series SS7 Boards offer a range of throughput capacity and signaling protocol support within the Dialogic® NaturalAccess™ development environment. 

 - TX Series (TX 5000E) - High and moderate density, PCIe, full size SS7 boards. TX boards support Channelized or HSL Q703 operation over T1/E1 links, HiZ monitoring and CT Bus support.  Ethernet ports enable board-level redundancy.

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