Dialogic® Pro™ Advantage Services

Dialogic offers a comprehensive suite of optional services for purchase, which are designed to target specific requirements. These optional services are available to customers who have purchased a Dialogic Service Agreement. 

The following optional Dialogic Pro Advantage Services can be added to a Dialogic Service Agreement:

 Features and Benefits  
Application design phase assistance Dialogic service centers in Europe, Asia, and North America have experience in maximizing the power of Dialogic products as they design the interfaces between many of the leading media processing and signaling applications deployed today and Dialogic technology. Assistance is available throughout the design and development process.

Enhanced response time Enhanced response times can be tailored to meet required service performance.

First deployment support The success of a new network or service often depends on rapid access to expert support when it is first deployed. Dialogic can provide a range of contracted capabilities at this critical time.

Lab hosting of customer configurations

Dialogic has invested in media and signaling labs in multiple worldwide locations. To assist with rapid and accurate testing and analysis, customer configurations may be hosted in these labs.


New product start up  In an environment where innovation is critical to success, early access to new product releases from Dialogic and accompanying configuration and initial advice in the design phase can add an important competitive advantage. A variety of new product release start up assistance is available.

Onsite support Customers that desire intensive one-on-one support visits by Dialogic engineers at a specific site can contract for onsite support. Onsite support visits can be purchased to meet an organization's specific needs.

Program management An experienced Program Manager with special expertise in Dialogic products can be assigned to work on a project to ensure close supervision of all project elements.

Standards and compliance reviews Dialogic engineers have many years of in-depth experience with telecommunications standards and compliance requirements and can provide consultative reviews on both open system and proprietary projects.

System installation, verification, and testing Dialogic's extensive experience in test planning, system installation, system verification, and installation testing can help ensure a smooth deployment experience.

Training Detailed technical training on Dialogic products is available at an additional charge. Training is delivered by expert Dialogic support and training engineers with appropriate in-depth product knowledge.

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How to Purchase

To discuss your specific requirements and for information about purchasing Dialogic Pro Services, contact us now.