Customer Success

Dialogic Customer Success - IPCO

IPCO Selects Dialogic for its Global Unified Communications Deployments.

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Viber chooses Dialogic

Viber chooses Dialogic’s Cloud-Based SoftSwitch and SBC for its Voice Core Infrastructure.

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Telzar customer success with Dialogic

Dialogic Applications Help 019 Telzar Expand Subscriber Base and Improve Reliability.

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Blogs & Podcasts

In building scalable video applications, media servers can make or break the real-time video application. read more
Jim Machi 10/10/2017
by Jim Machi
We check in with Arin Sime, CEO and Founder of at the Illinois Institute of Technology Real-Time Communications event to learn about t... read more
Jim Machi 10/03/2017
by The CommsDevZone Podcast
A closer look at some specific monitoring applications including network management, computer listening, and real-time recording/listening/archiving. read more
Jim Machi 09/27/2017
by Jim Machi
If you’re a developer and haven’t yet tried your hand at developing RTC applications with video, now would be the time to get started at the RTC confe... read more
Jim Machi 09/19/2017
by Alan Percy
Combining Video and the Internet of Things technologies opens some interesting new applications. To better understand how these two technologies inte... read more
Jim Machi 09/12/2017
by The CommsDevZone Podcast
Tsahi Levent-Levi walks us through the latest on WebRTC solutions, vendors and technologies in his recently updated "WebRTC for Business" report. The... read more
Jim Machi 06/01/2017
by The CommsDevZone Podcast

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A2I Summit - Tokyo

Looking for new ways to engage customers in this dynamic and competitive market place that includes IoT, AI, and next generation technology?