Diameter and Signaling System 7 (SS7)

Signaling is at the heart of telecommunications networks

It enables subscribers and devices to connect to networks and initiate multimedia calls. It allows network operators to enable billing and enforce policy.

Dialogic signaling solutions play a critical role, helping Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and application developers to leverage signaling as an asset.

We have a wide array of solutions that include:

  • Turn-key platforms to connect diverse networks and enable 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi roaming and interworking
  • Enabling solutions to help you build and deliver value added services and network applications
Signaling Gateways, SS7 STP, Diameter Signaling Controller & protocol stack solutions for VoIP, LTE, IMS/VoLTE, fixed and Wi-Fi networks

Signaling Controllers for Building 4G Voice and Data Networks

Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC DRA/DEA/IWF) solutions for LTE, IMS/VoLTE, IPX and Wi-Fi networks

Diameter Signaling Controllers are used to route, mediate, and manage Diameter messages between elements in the 4G Evolved Packet Core. Next generation Signaling Controllers expand on that functionality to include features that allow rapid service introduction and orchestration along with the ability to support:

  • Multiprotocol Interworking Functionality (IWF) including Signaling System 7 (SS&), Diameter Signaling and RADIUS
  • Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) and Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) capabilities.

Dialogic can provide virtualized solutions that can help Mobile Network and IPX Operators roll out 4G-to-4G, 3G-to-4G and W-Fi roaming services fast and reduce the complexity of interworking elements from diverse manufacturers.

Build Applications that Connect to Core Network Signaling Resources

Invoking the power of signaling is key to building customized applications that allow network interaction with subscribers like Lawful Intercept, Welcome Roamer, or Missed Call Alerts. Dialogic signaling servers can flexibly route messages between core network elements such as SMS gateways, SMSCs, SMS Routers, USSD gateways, GMSCs and Equipment Identity Registers (EIRs), and applications to deliver value added services to customers.

Replace end-of-life Signaling Transfer Points (STPs) with Message Routing and STP Gateway functionality

Service providers still support a sizeable base of 2G, 3G, and PSTN-based customers putting demands on their legacy Signaling System 7 (SS7) circuit switched infrastructure. They are also faced with the challenge of having to replace their unsupported or end-of-life Signal Transfer Point (STP) platforms.

Dialogic can help service providers modernize and consolidate unsupported or outdated signaling infrastructure with a flexible message routing platform that can provide SIGTRAN Signaling Gateway, SCCP Router and STP Gateway functionality. Dialogic signaling controller solutions can also be virtualized for all-IP environments to help application developers and service providers execute on their Cloud/NFV implementation and migration strategies.

Make Your Value Added Service or Next Gen Platform Stack Up

Protocol stacks are integral to developing VoLTE, fraud detection, mobile payment, roaming, location-based and interworking applications

Application developers use protocol stacks as fundamental building blocks for value added services that interact with mobile and fixed core networks.

Dialogic has a diverse line of signaling protocol stacks to help Application Developers and NEMs deliver innovative value added services.

4G LTE and VoLTE/IMS networks rely on the Diameter protocol for policy, charging, subscriber data management and authentication. Services requiring Diameter signaling can use Dialogic's flexible, modifiable stacks for both 3GPP/IETF compliant or vendor specific applications.

SIGTRAN and Signaling System 7 (SS7) protocol stacks can bridge the gap between TDM and IP networks to build scalable systems for Prepaid, Roaming, SMS, USSD Services, Location Based Services, and more.

Tools include capabilities like SIGTRAN monitoring to enable smart applications that can inspect and interrogate SIGTRAN traffic between active signaling points and trigger intelligent actions.

Dialogic's portfolio of solutions can enable service providers to start leveraging signaling as an asset.