IPX Enablement

IP Transformation

The GSMA IP eXchange (IPX) provides a visionary approach to the challenges fixed, mobile and next generation service providers have with interworking IP-based services and networks. An IPX architecture by nature is service aware and enables secure, end-to-end connectivity and Quality of Service (QoS) across different types of Communications Service Provider networks (CSPs).

Expanded Array of Services

An evolved IPX platform allows increased connectivity between mobile, fixed, next gen, and Over the Top players in an ecosystem that was not possible with legacy TDM and GRX networks. Dialogic solutions can help CSPs adopt evolved IPX concepts to expand revenue opportunities and add to their base-line voice services with contextual voice and video services, OTT white label applications, VoLTE roaming, and mobile data roaming. With Dialogic infrastructure solutions, IPX and wholesale operators can provide their customers a host of connectivity and value added service offerings.

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Including the following:

Dialogic Infrastructure Solutions

IP and TDM Voice Interconnect Services

Dialogic’s evolved IPX platform provides a GSMA IR.34 compliant IP Proxy with TDM termination capabilities. It can replace your aging or end-of-life softswitch or legacy TDM infrastructure with an intelligent, scalable, and highly available any-to-any routing, interworking, transcoding, and mediation platform that enables you to offer innovative voice and connectivity services to your carrier customers. You can establish IMS-NNI that enables you to support and route end-to-end HD Voice calls for your carrier customers as well mediate SIP signaling differences between networks.

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VoLTE Roaming and Interworking

Roaming between VoLTE networks enables a seamless user experience for subscribers. However, with multiple approved roaming architectures, interworking between visited and home networks can get complex. A VoLTE roaming hub can provide interoperability, interconnect, and regional breakout services to connected carriers who want to accelerate support of roaming subscribers. You can layer VoLTE termination and roaming services on top of your existing Dialogic signaling and session control solution for IP and TDM voice interconnect and routing applications.

Download the Infographic: Mapping out the IPX Opportunity

WebRTC Enablement

Leverage your position as a trusted intermediary for MNOs and application service providers to help them expand coverage and roll out WebRTC-enabled white label services. Dialogic’s virtualized WebRTC functionality and media processing capabilities can help you prepare for opportunities with this next generation technology.

Download WebRTC Infographic: Role of Media Servers in Operators and Enterprise Applications

The Evolved IPX

An Evolved IPX platform enables secure interoperability for voice, video, and data to connect operators deploying different roaming architectures and different technology. It provides the basis on which to layer the ability to create and deliver contextual voice and video services and hosted offerings to reduce complexity and accelerate services for your connected carriers.

Download the Infographic: Mapping out the IPX Opportunity