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Millennials and Preferences for Real-Time Communications
Millennials' preferences for Quality of Service and privacy are evolving compared to previous generations.

Why Media Gateways Anymore?
Older technologies are underrated. Media gateways is one of them, especially if you consider how it has evolved.

Blockchain and Unified Communications
Blockchain and unified communications convergence

The Importance of SS7 to SIP Interoperability
WiFi calls, and for calls from third party communication apps are becoming the norm. And with continued integration on the phone side, these will continue to proliferate.

Network Slicing – An A La Carte Network Service in 5G?
If 5G turns out to be all it can be, then we will see network sliced type of networks.

Building Scalable Video Applications
In building scalable video applications, media servers can make or break the real-time video application.