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PowerMedia XMS


Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS is a highly scalable, software-only media server that enables standards-based, real-time multimedia communications solutions for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), service provider, enterprise, VoIP, and WebRTC applications on premises or in the cloud. Built on 20+ years of software media processing experience, PowerMedia XMS is trusted by world-class service providers and large enterprises to power millions of rich media sessions.

With an extensive list of successful implementations that include Media Resource Function (MRF) for VoLTE, carrier hosted contact centers, enterprise communications, voice messaging, and “mission critical” next-generation 911 services and financial communication systems, PowerMedia XMS has proven to be a key building block for new and innovative applications. When deployed with the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Media Resource Broker (MRB) software component for high availability and redundancy, PowerMedia XMS scales to meet growing service provider and business requirements. PowerMedia XMS provides a reliable and resource-efficient software-based media processing platform for scaling rich media applications such as conferencing, transcoding, and interactive voice response (IVR).

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Key Features

Cloud/NFV-ready, virtualized media processing software

Production-ready media server and MRF functionality with media control interfaces for web-oriented and traditional VoIP media applications, optimized for virtualized environments

A full suite of media application capabilities with WebRTC support

Comprehensive audio, video, and contact center features

Reduced CAPEX from media network optimization

Reduced telecom application development time by leveraging proven MRF element and platform

Highly scalable and redundant media processing

High availability, intelligent failover, and stateful call preservation features add local and geographic redundancy options while increasing uptime

Enhanced capabilities with broad video, audio, and WebRTC capabilities

Improved user experience by offloading difficult real-time media handling functions to network

Popular Solutions

Cloud-optimized Media Processing - MSAAS

  • Highly scalable and redundant media processing for public cloud environments such as AWS
  • Cloud instances available for immediate deployment in AWS Marketplace
  • Cloud orchestration that can provisionally scale media resources based on traffic patterns and business rules
  • Service platform for telco apps / Over-the-Top (OTT) solutions reaching mobile or broadband networks
  • Designed to capitalize on Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN) industry standards
  • Flexible software subscription plans to leverage media processing in new services, such as Communication as a Service offerings



MSAAS diagram  

IMS Media Resource Function (MRF)

  • 3GPP and GSMA compliance for seamless insertion into existing IMS network architectures
  • IMS VoLTE and RCS-compliant, including full IR.92 and IR.94 video support
  • Latest 3GPP codecs, including AMR-NB, AMR-WB and Enhanced Voice Services (EVS)
  • Completely software-based and virtualization support for OpenStack/ETSI-NFV integrations
  • IETF RFC 6917 and 3GPP IMS-compliant Media Resource Broker (MRB) component for seamless scalability, consolidating media servers into a single resource pool
  • Support for common use cases, including conferencing, announcements, IVR, video voicemail, and WebRTC extension


Dialogic in IMS


IMS Media Resource Function - MRF - VoLTE and RCS compliant, including full IR.94 video support  

Telecom Application Developers

  • Rich media processing APIs for announcements, recording, conferencing, transcoding, DTMF, call progress analysis, and much, much more
  • Many standardized media server APIs and control interfaces – MSML, VXML, NETANN, and JSR 309 for Java J2EE
  • Comprehensive RESTful media control interface
  • First- and third-party call control models for ultimate flexibility
  • Sample applications and free training videos


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  • Award-winning conferencing, recording, and transcoding with WebRTC clients
  • Full audio and video WebRTC codec support
  • Integration with WebRTC JavaScript client libraries for rapid development and client support
  • Easy media plane interworking with existing VoIP systems
  • Fully virtualized and cloud-ready for easy integration into WebRTC environments
  • Works with standard media server control interfaces or powerful RESTful API


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Media Server Load Balancing

  • PowerMedia XMS Media Resource Broker (MRB) component adds software load balancing and intelligent routing across XMS media servers
  • Lowers costs and improves utilization by consolidating media servers into a single media resource pool
  • Enables high availability and geographic redundancy
  • Automatic failover, media server redundancy, and call preservation
  • Media server affinity routes callers to the right media server during hand-overs


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Video Conferencing & Recording

  • Flexible and dynamic video conferencing solutions for ViLTE, mobile, and WebRTC applications
  • Supports Voice Activated Switching (VAS), Media Control Unit (MCU) and Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) HD video conferencing use cases
  • Broad video and audio codec support for multimedia mixing and streaming capabilities
  • High-scale HD video recording for session archiving
  • Vast Dialogic video technology patent portfolio and video bandwidth control expertise


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Software Transcoding Gateway

  • Broad audio and video codec support including fixed, mobile, and WebRTC codecs
  • Flexible network implementation for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and cloud-oriented networks
  • Software-design allows for more rapid incorporation of new codecs
  • Integrate directly into a SIP VoIP or IMS core or use to complement an existing gateway or SBC


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