Dialogic® PowerMedia™ XMS Training - Onsite


Course Overview

The Dialogic PowerMedia Extended Media Server (XMS) Training course provides attendees with the tools, methodologies and knowledge to understand, install, maintain, configure, manage and begin developing applications based on XMS Software


3 days

Key Products

Target Audience

Value Added Distributors, Customer Engineers, and Application Developers 


Upon successful completion of this course, you will have a basic understanding of:

  • Have a basic understand of the PowerMedia XMS product
  • Software application and functional layout details
  • Installation, networking, configuration and begin developing applications based on PowerMedia XMS
  • Maintenance and service operations for the PowerMedia XMS
  • Event handling in an application program
  • Modify sample protocol scripts for remote programmable interfaces
  • Capture and analyze logs
  • Be provided with extensive hands-on activities and exercise for a variation of activities

Required Preparation

Attendees should be comfortable working with remote programmable interfaces and have basic programming skills.


Day 1 

  • PowerMedia XMS Product Introduction Module – provides a basic overview of the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Extended Media Server (XMS) as well as the basic system requirements, overview of technical deployments, introduction control interfaces of PowerMedia XMS and information pertaining to resources for PowerMedia XMS.
    • Introduction
    • Requirements
    • Technical Overview
    • Control Interfaces
    • Media Capabilities
    • Resources
    • Summary


  • PowerMedia XMS Installation Module – provides a basic overview of the process involved in installation of PowerMedia XMS software for both the ISO and RPM method.  This includes:
    • Installation Overview
    • Installation Process
    • Installation – ISO Method
    • Installation – RPM Method
    • XMS Administrative Console
    • Tools
    • Verifying XMS Status


  • Power Media Features Overview Module – This module will provide the basic details of the new features and capabilities introduced in Dialogic® PowerMedia™ XMS.
    •  XMS MRF and IMS/ViLTE
    • New XMS Features
    • Half-duplex connections
    • AMR2 Codec
    • .3GP File Format
    • SIP Preconditions
    • SDES Secure RTP
    • SIP DNS
    • VXML Video Play/Record
    • Administration Features
    • Controlled Introduction (CI) Features
    • JSR 309 Connector Updates


Day 2 


  • API Overview (MSML, RESTful, JSR309, VXML) Modules – describe the elements of one of the offered remote programmable interface and it’s utilization with the PowerMedia XMS platform.  This includes the internal functionality, protocol, management of API interface, concepts and environments.  Understanding of the Tools available for development and management in order to begin operations using the API interface with PowerMedia XMS. This includes:
    • Introduction
    • Technical Discussion
    • API Configuration
    • Tools
    • Verification
    • API Case Study Examples
    • API Practice


Day 3 

  • PowerMedia Operations, Administrations and Maintenance Module – provides a look at tools and utilities provided in order to monitor and troubleshoot the PowerMedia XMS.  Attendees will demonstrate the use of these tools during the training course delivery.
    • Administration
    • Operations
    • Maintenance
    • Troubleshooting
      • Logs
      • Tracing
      • Reports
      • Utilities

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