Introduction to the Dialogic® I-Gate® Media Gateways


Course Overview

The "Introduction to the Dialogic® I-Gate® Media Gateways" eLearning module offers participants with an alternative learning method on the architecture and functionality of the I-Gate Media Gateways.  This learning path includes a series of learning objects and combines animations and also simulations. A self assessment at the end of the learning path will enable the learner to evaluate his or her achievements.


8 hours

Key Products

Target Audience

Network, operations and maintenance engineering personnel


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic operation of the I-Gate 4000 Media gateways (technology, architecture, hardware & management)
  • Understand administration tools


Required Preparation

Basic understanding of:

TCP/IP & Data Communications, Telecom and VoIP protocol: SS#7, ISDN, MGCP, H.323, SIP, Telnet and FTP protocols.


Dialogic® I-Gate® 4000 PRO Media Gateway Learning Track

  • I-Gate 4000 PRO Gateway Introduction
  • I-Gate PRO Technologies
  • I-Gate PRO Architecture
  • I-Gate PRO Modules
  • I-Gate PRO BW Calculation
  • I-Gate PRO Initial Configuration
  • I-Gate PRO Management Platform (xMS)
  • I-Gate PRO Configurator
  • I-Gate PRO Faults & Performances
  • I-Gate PRO STM1 & OC3
  • I-Gate PRO S/W Version Management
  • I-Gate PRO IP Over TDM
  • I-Gate PRO L2 & L3 Switching
  • I-Gate PRO Gateway Access Control

Dialogic® I-Gate® 4000 EDGE Media Gateway Self Installation Tutorial

  • I-Gate 4000 EDGE Gateway Physical Description
  • I-Gate EDGE Terminal Installation
  • I-Gate EDGE setting IP Address
  • I-Gate EDGE S/W Download
  • I-Gate EDGE default Map configuration

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