Dialogic I-Gate 4000 Media Gateways

I-Gate 4000 EDGE and PRO


I-Gate® 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways redefine the modern gateway with an open and reliable platform compatible with a wide array of vendor switching technologies.  I-Gate 4000 Media Gateways feature unparalleled voice quality, reliability, IP-to-IP transcoding, and support for newer voice services to give telecom operators a competitive advantage and keep pace with their IP transformation needs.

I-Gate 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways provide the latest capabilities to help you expand your services and lower your costs:

Latest audio format support, like HD Voice, for generating revenue

Revenue Generating Opportunities with HD Voice

 IP-to-IP transcoding

IP to IP transcoding

Reduce bandwidth by up to 93% without compromising voice quality for inter I-Gate applications

I-Gate 4000 PRO and EDGE Bandwidth Reduction

Open platform compatible with a wide variety of class 4 switching technologies

Open solution across a variety of class 4 switching technology

Up to six 9s availability

Up to six 9s reliability


I-Gate 4000 Media Gateways can help modernize your network and cost effectively cap or replace your end-of-life legacy media gateway technology with a reliable solution to help you get the most out of your existing infrastructure without compromising network availability or voice quality. I-Gate Media Gateways are an open, supported solution that service providers can use to replace their existing end-of-life gateways from vendors like Cisco.

I-Gate 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways along with the Dialogic® ControlSwitch®™ System softswitch and BorderNet™ Session Border Controllers are part of Dialogic's comprehensive portfolio of IMS transformation solutions to help you take your network to the next level.


Key Features

Proven bandwidth optimization technology for circuit-switched networks extended to VoIP networks

Delivers packet voice quality that equals established PSTN standards

Field-proven voice processing technology and advanced codec implementations, coupled with a rich set of bandwidth optimization and voice quality protection techniques

Enables carriers to realize bandwidth savings of up to 16:1

Bandwidth-efficient and reliable transport of CCS for SS7, PRI, and QSIG and CAS, despite network impairments

Delivers bandwidth savings, full signaling robustness, and a high CCR along with enabling cost-effective network topologies based on the optimal location of signaling gateways at a small number of strategic sites

Highly efficient signal detection and processing techniques

Provides unrivaled voice, fax, modem, and video call completion rates with exceptional quality, allowing an operator to curtail expenses while capturing billable minutes

99.99995% (six 9s) availability

Provides high reliability

Combines high-quality bandwidth optimization, reliability, and scalability with open standards-based interfaces

Enables a powerful operational and capital expense saving solution

Supports wide range of transmission infrastructure

Can be used in terrestrial, radiolink, and satellite installations

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