Dialogic® I-Gate® 4000 PRO Media Gateway Basic Training and Installation Certification


Course Overview

The "Dialogic® I-Gate 4000 PRO Operation and Maintenance Training" course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the architecture and functional capabilities of the I-Gate 4000 PRO.  Participants are also introduced to routine and emergency maintenance operation.  The training course combines theory and hands-on practice.

For onsite training, customer must have equipment available for practice, when not carrying traffic.


6 days

Key Products

Target Audience

Network, operations and maintenance engineering personnel


Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:
  • Understand the basic operation of the I-Gate 4000 PRO (technology, architecture, and hardware and management platform)
  • Install, configure and maintain the I-Gate 4000 PRO

Required Preparation

Basic understanding of: TCP/IP & Data Communications, Telecom and VoIP protocol: SS#7, ISDN, MGCP, Telnet, FTP.


  • System Characteristics
  • System Technologies
  • System software and hardware
  • Architecture, Modules and signal flow
  • Dialogic® xMS Management System (xMS)
    • Administration and Maintenance
    • Configuration Procedures
    • Network Management
    • Security
  • Handling I-Gate 4000 PRO Alarms
  • Monitoring I-Gate 4000 PRO Reports & Statistics
  • Active vs. Stand-By Modules Handling
  • IP over TDM capabilities
  • Basic handling of remote diagnostics tolls
  • Guided Hands-on practice
  • Bandwidth calculation
  • Installation and safety procedures 
  • Switched Mode configuration
  • Backup and restoring
  • Summary exercises

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