Dialogic® ControlSwitch™ System Class 4 and M3UA Concepts


Course Overview

The “Dialogic® ControlSwitch System (Class 4) & M3UA Concepts” eLearning module offers participants an alternative learning method on the architecture and functionality of the ControlSwitch System. This learning path includes a series of learning objects and combines animations and simulations.  A self-assessment at the end of the learning path will enable the learner to evaluate his or her achievements.


4 - 6 hours

Key Products

Target Audience

Network, operations and maintenance engineering personnel


Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic operation of the ControlSwitch System (technology, architecture, hardware & management)
  • Set up and operation of an integrated configuration of the ControlSwitch System & Dialogic® I-Gate® 4000 PRO Media Gateway
  • Understand administration tools of both systems


Required Preparation

Basic understanding of:

TCP/IP & Data Communications, Telecom and VoIP protocol: SS#7, ISDN, MGCP, H.323, SIP, Telnet and FTP protocols.


ControlSwitch System Overview

  • ControlSwitch System in VoIP Environment
  • System Architecture
  • Call Flow Scenarios                                                  
  • EMS Dialogic® ControlSwitch™ Element Management System (EMS) GUI Introduction                                             
  • Administration and Security

M3UA Integration in Dialogic ControlSwitch

  • M3UA Concept
  • Architectural Design
  • Basic Terminology

System Elements

  • Network Elements Description                                               
  • Control Switch EMS                    
  • Event Collector, Call Detail Record Manager
  • Network Elements Provisioning

Routing (Policies)       

  • Services Architecture
  • Routing
  • Advanced Re-routing

System Monitoring

  • Fault & Diagnostics
  • Reports

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