Dialogic OnDemand Voicemail

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A visual, virtual, and cost-effective voicemail solution

Make Voicemail On-Demand

  • Enable dynamic and temporary voicemailboxes
  • Assign mailbox to customer only when needed
  • Reduce the number of voicemail boxes and cost
  • Access anywhere and on any device


Make Voicemail Cost-Effective

Dialogic OnDemand Voicemail is all software and can run in virtualized environments, allowing you to share resources and reduce service delivery costs. It minimizes the number of mailboxes needed by creating temporary resources that can be shared across subscribers while maintaining the same privacy and security standards as permanent mailboxes. Legacy platforms are also expensive to maintain and need extra space and power. Upgrading to a fully virtualized, on-demand platform will lower your operational costs without compromising service. And with an easy-to-use interface that is designed to enhance your subscribers’ self-service abilities, your customer care costs will be reduced too.


Make Voicemail Visual

Give your voicemail service a new look by making it visual – and give customers the latest features at the same time with Dialogic OnDemand Voicemail.

Dialogic OnDemand Voicemail lets your customers:

  • Manage missed calls visually
  • See text transcription of voice messages
  • Access messages from a desktop web portal or Android and iOS compatible mobile apps

Deploy Fast and with Confidence

  • Brandable business and residential Visual Voicemail solution for fixed and mobile networks
  • Dialogic solution has all you need including application, media processing, mobile apps and SIP gateways. Connect to your SAN and go
  • Deploy in public and private clouds across multiple data centers with High Availability for optimal performance
  • Dialogic Pro Services can make the transition from your outdated system fast and painless


Key Features

On-demand voice mailbox
Visual Voicemail mobile apps
SMS, email, outcall and MWI subscriber notification
Operator-defined Class of Service
OSS integration and flow-through provisioning
Web-based subscriber management
Administrator portal
Security and password management
Advanced message and mailbox management
Mailbox auto-deletion
Mailbox greeting, recording and playback controls
Support for multiple timezones