Applications for Service Providers
and Enterprises

Dialogic Apps

Dialogic offers a community of ready-to-customize software applications, covering a spectrum of solutions for both enterprise and service provider deployments. Based on proven platforms, the portfolio of Dialogic applications and services can improve time-to-market, cut development costs, and reduce maintenance expenses.

Dialogic software applications are available in any one of the following forms, accommodating the level of integration to match customer needs:


  • White-label, ready to private label and deploy
  • Modular building blocks for integration into existing environments
  • Full custom applications


The Dialogic portfolio includes:


Dialogic Cloud Centrex Dialogic Digital IVR logo Dialogic Cloud Centrex is a carrier-grade solution hosted in a cloud environment enabling Network Operators to offer hosted PBX and SIP trunking services to their business customer, while also offering basic and advanced Class 5 services to their residential customers.

Dialogic Digital IVR Dialogic Digital IVR logo The Dialogic Digital IVR solution is unparalleled in its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing network infrastructure and is compliant with IMS/LTE standards for the next generation of communications, making Dialogic Digital IVR a simple yet smart path to improved customer conversations.

Dialogic OnDemand Voicemail Dialogic OnDemand Voicemail logo The Dialogic OnDemand Voicemail (VM) is a comprehensive solution for next-generation, IP-based virtualized and on-demand voice messaging services. OnDemand VM is an all-software solution that can help improve customer satisfaction and increase service stickiness by expanding the available features of existing legacy and end-of-life applications.