Dialogic HMP Linux Video Demo Software

The video demo application sample code provided below is for Dialogic® Host Media Processing (HMP) Software Linux releases only.   To run the demo applications, the appropriate HMP Linux software must be installed and the proper license activated.  The source code provided below must be built and executed on the HMP server.

Multimedia Demo (MMDemo) Application:

The MMDemo application demonstrates the IP video functionality to create video on demand (VOD) portals and video mail applications.  Some of the highlights include SIP Call Control with video sdp parsing, video Play and Record, Video streaming from RTSP server, and RFC2833 dtmf control.  For advanced video platforms, video/audio transcoding, image overlay, still image play/capture, and DVR control is also available.

3G-324M Multimedia Gateway Demo (3GDemo) Application:

The 3GDemo application demonstrates 3G-324M API functionality for video connections to mobile video 3G-324M endpoints.   The 3GDemo provides examples of mobile video application scenarios such as 3G to IP gateway, 3G Multimedia Play/Record, 3G streaming from RTSP Server, 3G to 3G mobile endpoint hairpin, 3G-324M over IP (NbUP) and internal loopback scenarios for exercising 3G-324m API without a 3G Network.  It also allows enabling video transcoding on device connections.

Video Conference & HD Voice Conference Demo (VideoConfDemo) Application:

The VideoConfDemo application demonstrates some of the advanced video features from Dialogic®  such as video transcoding, video conferencing with video layout builder, and stream image overlay.  It can also be used to demonstrate HD Voice Conferencing using wideband (G.722, AMR-WB) and/or narrowband endpoints.  The VideoConfDemo application creates a multimedia conference and waits for SIP IP callers (video or audio only)  to call into the HMP Server .  The video stream from each endpoint is combined in a video layout that can be switched instantly on digit control. The VideoConfDemo also provides examples of user defined custom layouts that can be used for Video stream on stream and PIP applications.  

Multimedia Ring Back Tone Demo (MRBTDemo) Application:

The MRBTDemo application demonstrates video ring back tone capability for a 3G mobile caller. The MRBT Demo application can accept a 3G call from either an ISDN or SS7 network and place an outgoing 3G call to the original called party number while playing a video MRBT message to the calling party.   As soon as the called party answers the call, the MRBT is stopped and the 3G video calls are routed together. 

Global Call Basic Voice and Video Demo (GCBasicVideoDemo) Application:

The GCBasicVideoDemo application demonstrates basic call control (Global Call and 3G-324M) and media (Voice, Multimedia and Conferencing) functionality for ISDN, SS7 and BICC for 2G (voice) and 3G(video) calls as well as SIP (audio and/or video). This demo follows the GC Basic Call Model Demo structure of the GlobalCall API Demo and provides only the essential components required for both 2G (voice) and 3G (video) inbound and outbound calling with media.  The GCBasicVideoDemo also supports NbUP protocol and video conferencing.