Dialogic® Pro™ OEM Partner Services - Platform

Dialogic® Pro™ OEM Partner Services (OPS) provides comprehensive design, integration, testing, and business services for telecom OEMs, VARs, and application developers worldwide who are deploying integrated solutions using Dialogic® products. OPS can work with you to develop the range of services you require according to your needs and specifications.

With years of experience in meeting the rigorous requirements of the telecom industry, OPS can help you:

  • Focus your resources on your core business
  • Go to market faster
  • Provide your customers with a complete solution package
  • Increase production without a major capital investment

Operating within its ISO 9001:2000 registered facilities, OPS assigns a Project Manager to track your solution through the various stages of design, integration, testing, and shipping. Your integrated solution is delivered with professional installation instructions and customer-ready documentation.

Here is a sample list of current OPS services.


After evaluating your needs and delivering a project plan, we can:

  • Design for your specific integration requirements
  • Purchase hardware and software from multiple vendors for you
  • Create schematics, drawings, and procedures per CM II practices

Integration and Testing

During implementation, we can:

  • Integrate the hardware and software for your solution
  • Test the integrated solution rigorously at the component and system level
  • Package your solution with attractive custom enclosures, cabinetry, and wiring

Business Operations

If you need help with ongoing operations, we can:

  • Ship your solution worldwide
  • Provide Tier 2 and 3 level support for third-party products
  • Scale production seamlessly to meet rapid growth

With seasoned technical expertise and long-standing relationships with vendors such as Sun and Dell, OPS can deliver exceptional value to Dialogic partners and customers.

If you have any questions or would like more details about OPS, send email to opsbd@dialogic.com.