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Malaz, Riyadh,
Saudia Arabia
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Byoun International Group has focused its activities in Commercial and Financial Sector since its inception in 2004. With its wide network and access to International markets the Group, in a short period of time, has done execptionally well within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Today it is one of the Major Distributors of Mercedes Trucks K.S.A and also a major exporter to other countires in the Region. Byoun International Group is responsible for acting as a Financer and Investor in number of various industry segments across GCC and beyond including Transportation, Shipping, Real Estate Investment and Information Technology.


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Service we offer encompass everything from system design, installation and problem analysis / resolution including Business Intelligence | Software Engineering |  Business Process Re-engineering | Enterprise Application Service | Enterprise Technology Integration |  Infrastructure Management Services |  Product & Engineering Services | Technical Support Service

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Network Switching, Signaling, Application Development