Group 2000 Nederland B.V.

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7600 AH
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Group 2000 is a leading and innovative partner for Network Forensics, Communication Services and ICT Services. Our approach and solutions help Telecommunication Service Operators, ISP's, Governments, industries and business Services to solve communication and security issues. Our Telco grade systems are in use all over the world and support our clients in over 25 countries. Group 2000 was founded in 1978 end is privately held. From our Headquarters in Almelo we organize our operations anywhere in the world. Group 2000 also has offices in Norway, Switzerland and in Echt (Limburg, Netherlands).


Group 2000 stands for openness, trustworthiness and transparency. We are the logical alternative. Bases on our in depth knowledge of telecommunication networks, communication protocols and network interfaces, we are capable, like no other, to help solve the challenges you face. A significant part of our time is spent on R&D and innovation in order to answer tomorrow’s questions. Our solutions are recognized as best in class by our clients, this also is expressed in performance evaluations. Based on your feedback we offer lasting innovation to improve your striking power. We are ISO certified and a full member of ETSI.

The Group 2000 Service Independent Multi Media (SIMM) platform is able to support Small and Mid-Sized TSP's with tailor made solutions and applications for handling of messaging and voice traffic on IN, IMS and mobile core networks.

Solution Focus:
Signaling, Application Development