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United States
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iFAX Solutions is a total fax solution provider, offering hardware, software, service and support to users of HylaFAX Open Source Edition and HylaFAX Enterprise. From our headquarters in Philadelphia, and supported by a global network of consultants, we serve a worldwide customer base of HylaFAX users. Freely available since 1992, HylaFAX is the de-facto standard for enterprise-strength faxing on UNIX operating systems such as Linux, Solaris and *BSD. Our flagship Enterprise Edition builds upon HylaFAX's legendary performance and stability, and offers enhanced features and capabilities for the enterprise. Visit our online store at http://www.ifax.com to build your very own HylaFAX server today!

Since its release to the public in 1991, HylaFAX has grown to become one of the world's most popular fax servers. Today, iFAX Solutions expands on this platform by adding the features required by enterprise and high volume fax customers -- such as the Dilaogic Brooktrout TR1034 fax board and SR140 softmodem fax technology. Explore why HylaFAX Enterprise is the preferred fax platform for top businesses as well as the most robust, stable, and scalable fax platform available.
Solution Focus:
Signaling, Application Development