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Seamless is a software company specialized in versatile solutions for Top Up, m-Payments and Money Transfer through mobile phones. Seamless enable people with prepaid mobiles to perform Top Up conveniently at locations where they usually go; in reality and on the internet. Seamless connect Mobile Operators to Retail Chains, Banks, Web portals, Remitters etc. as a hub for transactions. It seamlessly interfaces to business systems, to a multitude of cash registers and terminals in a most secure and extremely scalable solution.
Money Transfer system The Mollet™ is a wallet in a mobile phone, a mobile wallet = mollet. Cash is carried safely in a mollet, cash deposit and withdrawal is easy with a mollet in the mobile, it can replace both cash and cards. Mollet can be a complete internet bank on a mobile phone. The Top Up range consists of GoHandset that enables Top Up reselling using a mobile phone as terminal, of GoRoaming that offers Top Up from abroad and GoShopping that let retail companies introduce efficient selling of airtime.
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