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5927 Priestly Drive
Suite 101
Carlsbad, CA,
United States
Tel: 760-710-9000
Fax: 760-710-9019
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True Data Technology is a leading provider of communication equipment, including the full line of Dialogic voice boards, fax boards, gateways, and software.  True Data is more than an "online reseller" - we are a brick-and-mortar business who has specialized in communication solutions for over 20 years.  Each representiative at True Data is trained and certified on the equipment we sell.  True Data provides pre-sales consulting services, limited free support in addition to on-site and remote support, and stocks most Dialogic models locally for same-day shipment.  We are happy to help regardless of your need or question.

True Data Technology provides a wide range of integration services, from small analog deployments and T1/E1/PRI, all the way up to large scale SS7 deployments.  As a leader in the industry, True Data Technology understands the value of integration.

Solution Focus:
Application Development