Dialogic® Pro™ PBX Lab Service

The Dialogic® Pro™ PBX Lab Service provides access to a state-of-the art telephony environment for testing applications on a variety of PBXs. Dialogic maintains a PBX lab in Getzville, NY USA that allows customers who purchase the PBX Lab Service to test their Dialogic-based solutions on major PBX systems without incurring the expense of purchasing the equipment themselves.

Dialogic will make a reasonable effort to provide cabling to the PBX switches and port programming to meet test setup requirements. Customers are responsible for performing their own application testing and for any costs associated with the transportation of their personnel and equipment to and from the PBX lab in Getzville. If a need for assistance is anticipated, a Dialogic application engineer can be made available for an additional fee to perform application review and provide testing advice and guidance at the PBX lab.

PBX Lab Capabilities

The PBX Lab Service includes the setup and connection of analog and digital ports and T1 and E1 lines to support customer application testing on various Dialogic products. Depending on availability and customer need, Dialogic can also provide up to two analog Central Office (CO) trunk connections.

PBX Lab Resources

Tables 1 and 2 summarize the PBX hardware and software currently available for customer testing in connection with a PBX Lab Service.