Lipigas Delivers Enhanced Interactive and Visual Mobile Self-Service Portal Using Joint Visual IVR Solution From Dialogic and Telectronic

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dialogic® PowerVille™ Visual IVR provides the foundation for Lipigas’ advanced customer interface to improve user experience

PARSIPPANY, NJ (November 29, 2016) - Dialogic, a cloud-optimized applications and infrastructure solutions provider for service providers, enterprises, and developers, announced today that Lipigas, a leading Chilean liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distributor and an expert in energy solutions with operations in Colombia and Peru, has deployed PowerVille™ Visual IVR from Dialogic to provide interactive service ordering, billing, and account information through a visually-enhanced self-service portal accessible through their customers’ smart phones or mobile devices. Telectronic, a long-time value-added reseller of Dialogic-based solutions, helped Lipigas develop and deploy the PowerVille Visual IVR-based application.

“Dialogic is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge applications to help its customers meet their business goals and stay ahead of the competition,” said Jim Machi Senior VP of Product Management and Marketing at Dialogic. “Lipigas’ deployment of PowerVille Visual IVR is a great example of how innovative companies across all enterprise sectors are engaging customers in new ways that combine self-service with real-time voice, video, and mobility to improve first call resolution rates, increase customer satisfaction, and free up live agent resources.”

While efficient operations and cost management are key concerns for Lipigas, the company also places great importance on customer satisfaction and the reputation of both its brand and products. As it faced increasing load on customer care resources due to higher demand for its residential and commercial energy solutions, it proactively sought out ways to reduce congestion on its contact center without compromising customer satisfaction. It selected the PowerVille Visual IVR application to enable an advanced interactive, yet intuitively simplified, customer portal as an alternative to traditional interactive voice response systems. The solution provides customer self-service capabilities in a two-way voice, video, and text enabled mobile-based application that allows customers to see, touch, and navigate through menus visually, as opposed to listening to lengthy prompts when ordering products or checking account information.

PowerVille Visual IVR enhances customer self-service activities by providing a visual, app-like alternative to navigating voice-only IVR menus.  Unlike voice solutions that can only speak one option at a time, PowerVille Visual IVR displays a full set of menu options on a device’s screen all at once, allowing users to quickly choose the path that is right for them.  This allows for quicker customer navigation, faster resolution, and the ability to share video, images, and voice, all over the customer’s mobile device.

These capabilities meshed well with Lipigas’ plan to upgrade its customer service portal to better serve its customers, who are increasingly using mobile-based devices to access services from the energy solution provider. Lipigas’ residential and business customers can now see their actual bill, order, and coordinate the delivery of services on their smartphones, and if necessary, transfer to a live agent in case they are in need of additional help, all from the same screen on their smartphones. The Visual IVR application also integrates with Lipigas’ web portal, so that specific Visual IVR options selected by the customer will link them directly to applicable portal sections providing a better self-service experience.

Visit the PowerVille Visual IVR page for more details, including a short demonstration video.

About Lipigas

Lipigas is the leading Company of liquid gas for homes, companies and vehicles in Chile.
It is part of the holding “Empresas Lipigas S.A”, that has international coverage in Perú and Colombia.
“We are experts in energy solutions and we differentiate providing a quality service to our customers and our commitments to people care and the environment”.

About Telectronic

Telectronic is a Chilean corporation founded in 1976, with focus in providing innovative solutions in the telecommunications market. Nowadays is a strategic partner of leading providers of voice communications and contact center solutions, due to the high professional quality, strategy to add value to its customers’ business and its integral solutions. Telectronic has offices in Chile and Perú, it is oriented to the development of IT solutions integrating multi service platforms of contact center, communications, CRM, collaboration, analytics, IVR, and networking.

About Dialogic

Dialogic is a leading cloud-optimized solutions provider for real-time communications media, applications, and infrastructure to service providers, enterprises, and developers around the globe. Based in Parsippany, NJ with offices worldwide, Dialogic helps 48 of the world’s top 50 mobile operators, and nearly 3,000 application developers build and deploy on agile networks. Learn more about how Dialogic is enabling agility by following us on Twitter @Dialogic, and visiting and the Dialogic Blog for the latest industry news, trends and advice. 

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