DialogicĀ® DSI Components - License Activation

Use this form to obtain the run-time license required to activate your Dialogic® DSI Components for a specific system. Once you have submitted the form, a run-time license file should be sent to you by email within a few minutes. Please note that you must obtain the license through you normal supply channel and be in possession of the License Certificate before you can activate the license.

Before commencing you will need:

  • The License ID for each software option.
    This is printed on the License Certificate, which also contains the terms of the software license agreement; only activate the license if you agree to the terms of the agreement.
  • For Host Protocols, the Host ID of the target machine on which you wish to activate the protocol software.
    This is obtained by running the protocol binary on the target machine using the -v option. The Host ID is then printed to screen. Please note that the Host ID is different for each target machine.
  • For Signaling Servers, the Unit ID of the target system on which you wish to activate the software option. It is obtained through the management interface of the system as described in the product user manual.
  • To know which operating system you are running on the target machine (not applicable to Signaling Servers).
  • An email address to which the run-time licence file will be sent.

You must also supply a User Machine Identification which is any text label that you wish to use to identify the machine. This is used in the email notification to allow you to easily identify the machine for which the licence should be used.

You may list multiple software options for use on the same machine on this form but you must make a separate submission for each different target machine.

When you submit the form, an email confirmation will be sent confirming the details entered on the submission form.

Contact Information

Select Operating System

Enter Host or Unit ID

User Machine Identification

License ID # of software option(s) to activate on the target machine

Activation Feedback