Dialogic® PowerMedia™ License Download

Dialogic® Host Media Processing (HMP) software performs media processing tasks on general-purpose servers without the use of specialized hardware. The software provides media services that can be used to build flexible, scalable, and cost-effective next-generation IP media servers. Click here to find more about the Dialogic HMP product range.

1Obtaining Dialogic HMP Software

You need to download the software first.

The demo license obtained from the next section needs to be used on a system where the HMP software is installed. A demo license enables users to exercise the functionality of HMP software.

2Enabling Dialogic® HMP using a Demo License

Once you have installed your copy of Dialogic HMP, you will see that one port is automatically enabled. The next step is to obtain a license by filling out the form below. An email will be sent with the 2 port license.

| Fields marked with a red bar are required. A valid business email is required. Webmails such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail will not be accepted. If the email is invalid the license cannot be sent.

(*) Dialogic never rents or sells email addresses sent with this form and has a strict no-spam policy.
(**) To view Dialogic's Privacy Statement and Terms of Use, click on the respective links.



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