Development and Operations (DevOps)

DevOps is an approach that focuses on bringing the Development and Operations team together to obtain products and services with maximum efficiency and quality. DevOps initiates on automating as much as possible using multiple tools and keeping the workflow between teams as agile as possible. The following are the general stages of the DevOps workflow:

Plan and Code:

The strategy and code are developed in this stage. Tools used here are focused on version control and provide a repository for this purpose.


Build stage is concerned with automatically fetching the source code from the repositories and packaging them into executable applications


Testing in DevOps is automated within the build pipeline to ensure that the applications are deployable.

Deploy and Operate

As the applications are ready, they are pushed to the deployment stage and continuously configured to the right state.


The released products are continuously monitored and the feedback is used to update the product.

Quora - Anjali Nair c.1-9-2019

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