Maintenance Phase Services

Maintenance Phase Services photo

Dialogic® Pro™ Advantage Services are available as additional contracted services to customers who have a Dialogic Service Agreement. Dialogic® products are deployed and maintained throughout the world in complex network, compliance and application environments. Our experts are available to help ensure trouble-free system maintenance.

Maintenance Phase Services are described below.

Enhanced response times

Enhanced response times can be tailored to required service performance.

Extended support hours

24 x 7 x 365 response can be arranged with a full range of options including international access, local support response, and engineering response. Product line restrictions may apply.

Lab hosting of customer configurations

Dialogic has invested in extensive media and signaling testing and communications lab facilities in multiple worldwide locations. To assist with rapid and accurate testing and analysis, customer configurations may be hosted in these labs.

Onsite support

Onsite support can be purchased to meet an organization’s specific needs.

How to Purchase

To discuss your specific requirements and for information about purchasing Dialogic Pro Services, contact us now.